Miniature Millinery: Silly Hats

Miniature Millinery: Silly Hats

From Bag to Bonnet, it begins with the fabric... In this course Shari Fuller is demonstrating how to upcycle those ordinary plastic shopping bags into fabric to use to make some pretty adorable tiny hats! Our course theme has been inspiredly the St Catherine's Day Hat Parade. As with the parade you'll see both beautiful and silly hats created throughout this course!

Miniature Millinery: Silly Hats
  • Miniature Millinery Silly Hats Course Overview

    Miniature Millinery Silly Hats Course Overview
    Part One: Follow along to see how to make fabric out of plastic shopping bags!
    Part Two: Sew-Along for the Bonnet
    Part Three: Create cutwork appliqué for your bonnet too!
    Part Four: Creating embellishments out of the plastic fabric.
    You can find all ...

  • Silly Hats - "Bag To Bonnet" Creating The Fabric!

    Follow along in this video as Shari shows us how to turn an ordinary plastic bag into an amazing piece of fabric! The process is fairly simple, so go gather up all those plastic shopping bags and begin upcycling it into fabric too!

    The hat that Shari will be making in the next video is made usin...

  • Silly Hats Part 2 Sew Along

    Follow along in part 2 as Shari demonstrates a sew-along for the keepers Dolly Duds Victorian Caroler's Bonnet using her newly created plastic fabric!

    Find the pattern in the course downloads and make one too!

    Like the pressing mat she has in the video? You can see how to make one of those in t...

  • Silly Hats Bag To Bonnet Applied Designs

  • Silly Hats Making Flowers

    Follow along to see how to create two types of fabric embellishments for your hats. The first demonstration is showing a tiny rosette created from plastic fabric. The second demonstration shows how to create a pinwheel poof flower made from the plastic fabric scraps.

  • SWC Silly Hats Course Guide

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