Setting Sleeves

Setting Sleeves

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the Setting Sleeves course. Setting sleeves can be a challenge and cause some hesitation in choosing a pattern to sew. In this course Cinnamon, Shari, and Donna will each share with you their tips, tricks, and techniques for setting sleeves. The hope is that after completing this course you will have the confidence to tackle any doll-clothes sewing project and set those sleeves perfectly every time!

The course will be divided into four installments.

Part One: In this section, Cinnamon will demonstrate setting a basic sleeve using the method that is commonly known as the "Shirt Sleeve". This method is setting a sleeve flat, attaching it to the bodice section first before sewing the side seam and underarm seam.
Part Two: In this section, Shari will demonstrate how to set a gathered sleeve. Common issues are uneven gathers at the cap, unwanted tucks in the seamline, and overall shaping of the gathered design. Shari will tackle these topics!
Part Three: In this section, Donna will demonstrate how to set a "Tulip Sleeve" using her latest pattern design, Two Tulips, in the demonstration. Follow along to see how this technique is done perfectly every time!
Part Four: In this section, we will wrap up the topic with a few general sleeve setting tips plus show the difference of setting a sleeve in the round and finishing the armscye seam allowance with binding - a haute couture touch!

Setting Sleeves
  • Setting Sleeves Course Guide

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  • Setting Sleeves Course Introduction

    Follow along to learn our tips, tricks, and techniques to set sleeves into your garments perfectly every time!

    Looking for the new Two Tulips pattern? You can find it at Pixie Faire:

    Looking for that new Two Tulips Pix...

  • Setting Sleeves Part 1 The Basic Sleeve

    In this video Cinnamon will demonstrate how to set three basic sleeves. The first example, using the T-shirt pattern, will show a basic knit fabric sleeve. The second example, featuring the Button_up Shirt pattern, will show a woven fabric sleeve with a shallow cap height. The final example, usi...

  • Setting Sleeves Part 2 The Gathered Sleeve

    Hi Everyone, in the previous video, Cinnamon demonstrated how set a
    plain sleeve into an armscye. It is amazing how beautiful this simple sleeve can look when it is properly set. In this video, Shari is going to show you how to properly set in a gathered sleeve.

    Gathered sleeves come in all shap...

  • Setting Sleeves Part 3 Tulip Sleeves

    For our discussion on setting in sleeves this week, Donna will be focusing on The Tulip Sleeve, or petal sleeve. It’s easy to see where the name comes from. The sleeve looks like a tulip or petals of a flower, so it’s known by both names.

    A tulip style sleeve, with its curved edges, gives a ga...

  • Setting Sleeves Final Tips

    In this final installment of the Setting Sleeves course, Cinnamon shares a few tips for success! She is joined by Melinda, the designer of Melody Valerie Couture, as she shares how to create ease in a sleeve cap, set the sleeve in a round, and add a beautiful finishing detail to the armscye.