Sewing Pretty Little Pincushions

Sewing Pretty Little Pincushions

This will be a great opportunity to practice many of the skills and techniques we've demonstrated in prior SWC topics. We can put them into practice as we work together to create beautiful keepsake pincushions! What I love about pincushions is that they are not just practical, but frequently a special keepsake, something passed down from a grandmother or sewing mentor.

Sewing Pretty Little Pincushions
  • SWC Pretty Little Pincushions

    Part One - The Tomato Pincushion
    Part Two - The Circle Puff Ribbon Trimmed Pincushion
    Part Three - The Keepsake Pincushion Tutorial
    Part Four - The Bottle Cap Pincushion Tutorial

  • SWC Tomato Pincushion Tutorial

    In this video follow along as we make some pretty little pincushions together!

  • Circle Puff Ribbon Trimmed Pincushion

    In this video we show you how to make a darling little circle puff pincushion. In the process of creating this keepsake, we’ll brush up on a few hand sewing skills—the whipstitch and the satin stitch or buttonhole stitch.

  • SWC Keepsake Pincushion with Donna

    In this video follow along as we demonstrate how to turn something special into a life-long treasured keepsake, the keepsake pincushion!

  • SWC Bottle Cap Pincushion Tutorial

    In this video we show how to make a cute little pincushion using a bottle cap.

  • SWC-2111-Pincushions-OTT.pdf

    4.01 MB

    PDF course guide for Sewing Pretty Little Pincushions designed to go along with the video series. Find resources and printable pattern pieces here.