Sewing Raglan Sleeves

Sewing Raglan Sleeves

Donna Kinley joins us this month with in depth instruction showing how to create a raglan sleeve as well as a full sew along for the E=dK2 dress pattern. See how to mix and match patterns too! Follow along and improve your sewing skills while making something new!

Instructor: Donna Kinley

Sewing Raglan Sleeves
  • SWC Raglan Sleeve Part 1 Topic Overview

    The topic will be divided into a 4-part series:
    •Topic Overview. A look at the Raglan Sleeve design, how it is constructed, and how it may be used in a design.
    •Sew along for the dKinley Designs E=dK² pattern, featuring View A
    •Sleeve variations (Views B and C)
    •Mix and match with Energy Dress pa...

  • SWC Sewing The Raglan Sleeve Sew Along Part 1

    In this video we highlight some of the instructions and take a step by step look at the construction of the raglan sleeve of the E=dk2 pattern.

  • SWC Raglan Sleeve Sew Along Part 2

    In this video we continue the construction of the sleeves of the E=dk2 dress pattern..

  • SWC Sewing The Raglan Sleeve Pattern Mix and Match

    In this video we show how to combine patterns. We also share a tip on how to turn a tube with a delicate fabric without damaging it.