Sewing Simple Closures

Sewing Simple Closures

What's a simple closure? I'd say pretty much everything but zippers! In this course you will learn the secrets to sewing in hook and loop tape, adding buttons and buttonholes, sewing in hooks, and creating thread loops. Plus we have a tutorial for frog closures too!

Instructor: Cinnamon Miles

Sewing Simple Closures
  • Simple Closures Topic Overview

    Sewing With Cinamon Simple Closures Topic Overview
    Part 1 - Hook and Loop Tape
    Part 2 - Button & Loop Closures
    Part 3 - Sewing Buttonholes
    Freezer Paper Button Hole Tutorial and other tips
    Part 4 - Eyelets & Lacing

  • Simple Closures - Hook and Loop Tape

    Sewing With​ Cinnamon Simple Closures​ - Using hook and loop tape

  • Simple Closures - Eyelets and Lacing

    Sewing With Cinnamon - ​How to use eyelets to create a lace-up​ closure.

  • Simple Closures - Button and Loop Closures

    Sewing​ With Cinnamon​ - Learn to sew button and loop closures. This video includes 3 tutorials - How to sew a thread loop, How to sew fabric loops, and How to sew a frog closure.

  • 3.3 Sewing Basics Simple Closures

    This video compares a few different hook and loop closures, snaps, hook and eye closures, snaps and how they are used. Also demonstrated is sewing buttonholes with an automatic buttonhole foot attachment on your sewing machine and cutting open the buttonhole.