Sewing Tiny Gifts

Sewing Tiny Gifts

It’s holiday time and you know what that means… Gifts! In this topic we explore a few gift making ideas at a smaller scale. Tiny things that dolls can give to other dolls. There are so many great ideas out there, but we’ve narrowed it down to a few that we’re really excited to share with you! Follow along in our tutorials as we demonstrate making a Fashion in Miniature coloring book, printable tiny gift bags, an adorable fabric ball for dolls, babies, & kids, tiny felt stuffs, and a marionette theater!

Sewing Tiny Gifts
  • SWC Tiny Gifts Overview

  • Gift Bag and Coloring Book Printables Tutorial

  • SWC Nonnis Baby Ball Sew Along

  • SWC Cute Felt Dolls Sew Along Kitty Kitty

    Follow along as I show you how to make the Kitty Kitty set in the tutorial video. It's a fun and easy project, perfect for working on those hand sewing skills! Make tiny stuffies to pop in stockings or to fill your dolls rooms with new toys!
    Find the Cute Felt patterns here: https://www.pixiefai...

  • SWC Marionette Theater Sew Along

    Follow along as Shari Fuller (of Thimbles and Acorns) shows us how to create a doll-sized Marionette Theater! Be sure to check out our other video in this series to make your marionette puppets too! The sewing pattern can be found at Pixie Faire:

  • SWC-Tiny-Gifts-Printables.pdf

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    PDF downloads to make the Fashion in Miniature coloring book, and tiny gift bags. This content can not be download through the TV streaming format, visit the website to access the file downloads.

  • Kitty Kitty PDF Pattern Download

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    Download the Kitty Kitty pattern here and follow along to make a set with us! Download is available on the web or app version that allows for downloads. If you are watching on a TV streaming device, simply view it not he web or app to access the PDF download.

  • 2112 SWC Sewing Tiny Gifts Course Guide

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    Sewing Tiny Gifts Course Guide - Resource links and information to go along with the videos presented in this series.