Sewing Tiny Swimsuits

Sewing Tiny Swimsuits

In this course we cover the basics of sewing doll size swimsuits. We begin with a look at sewing with swimsuit fabrics, sew the Gotchies pattern together, explore woven fabric swimsuit designs, and finish it off with a look at accessories with a few pattern hacks!

Instructor: Cinnamon Miles

Sewing Tiny Swimsuits
  • Sewing Swimsuits Getting Started

    In this video we will take a look at needles, cutting tools, and machine accessories that all make sewing swim knits easier. We'll also take a look at cutting pattern pieces out on swimsuit fabric.

  • Swimsuit Needles and Stitches

    In this video we compare sewing swimsuit fabric using straight stitches vs stretch stitches using a Ball point needle, Stretch needle, and a Universal needle. We also demonstrate using the walking foot with the stretch stitch.

  • Fold Over Elastic Tutorial

    In this video I show how to use FOE in place of binding or hem on your knit fabric.

  • LJ Swimsuit Pattern Sew Along

    In this video we show you how we sew the fold over elastic (FOE).with the LJ swimsuit pattern.

  • Gotchies Swimsuit Sew Along

    In this video we will do a sew-along for the 123 Mulberry Street Gotchies pattern.

  • The Straw Tote Pattern Hack

    In this video we are going to do a pattern hack to make a cute doll tote out of cording. .