Sewing With Knits

Sewing With Knits

I love to sew with knit fabrics, but I know many of you are terrified to work with this stretchy fabric. Don't fear, in this course, I show you my tips and tricks for sewing knit fabrics with confidence! There are several ways to achieve success. Follow along and let's tackle that fear together!

Instructor: Cinnamon Miles

Sewing With Knits
  • Knits Overview - Sewing With Cinnamon

    In this course we discuss Sewing With Knits
    Hems and More
    Walking Foot Overview
    Neck Bindings and Neck Bands
    Finishing Knit Fabric Edges
    How To Sew With Fold Over Elastic
    Specialty Knit Fabrics
    Where to buy
    You can find all the referenced PDF patterns and supplies at

  • Knits Hems and More

    Sewing With Cinnamon - Knit hems and more...
    Sewing the shoulder seams and finishing options
    Hemming the neckline
    Working with knit sleeves
    Finishing the armscye seam allowance
    Finishing raw edges
    Double turned hemline
    Single fold hemline sewn with Twin Needle
    Coffee Filter as stabilizer

  • Knits - Stretch Lace Hemline

    In this video I'll show you a technique I use to hem any style knit tee.

  • Knits - Neck Binding

    Neck Binding and Neck Bands
    Whether you're looking for an alternative to a knit hem or you're just interested in a new type of finish, these are both great techniques to master.

  • Knits - Walking Foot Overview

    Sewing With Cinnamon video series. Knit Fabrics - Walking Foot Overview
    See the installation and demonstration of a few types of stitches and seams.

  • Knits FOE Binding

    In this video I'll show you how to sew fold over elastic (FOE) as a binding on a knit fabric.

  • Knits - Specialty Fabrics

    In this video I'll show you some examples of sewing on swim knit, lycra knit, and sewing on a sequined fabric. I also demo using a stretch needle and a ballpoint needle with lycra fabric.