Sewing With Ribbon

Sewing With Ribbon

Follow along as we share ribbon sewing techniques! Ribbons come in an endless array of colors, styles, and sizes that can be used in all sorts of
creative ways for embellishments, adornments, decorations, and awards. In this series, we are going to look at a few different ways to use ribbons to add a dash of fun to your doll-size projects.

Sewing With Ribbon
  • SWC Sewing With Ribbon Overview

    Sewing with Ribbon
    Part One - Organization Tips
    Part Two - Ribbon Fabric Pattern Hack
    Part Three - Flat Ribbon Application Tips & Tricks
    Part Four - Ribbon Manipulation Techniques
    You can find all the referenced PDF patterns and supplies at

  • Ribbon Organization Storage Solutions

    My studio is a disorganized mess and the extra space won't do me much good it I don't figure out how to utilize it well. So, I think we'll kick things off this week by looking at some ways I can bring some order to my workspace by looking at ways to organize my ribbons and trims and maybe give yo...

  • Ribbon Fabric Pattern Hack

    Ribbon into fabric? Yes! I'll show you how to sew ribbon together to create something truly unique! If you love this ribbon, you can find it at
    Find the Snuggle & Store Tote Sew Along videos here:

  • Flat Ribbon Application Tips & Tricks

    Donna is sharing her expertise with flat ribbon application. As with many skills, this is something that gets better with practice! Follow along as Donna demonstrates and explains how to successfully add flat ribbon to your garments!

    In this video, we will look at the Art Deco Dress and Bag patt...

  • SWC Ribbon Manipulation Techniques

    This week we are going to take ribbon from flat application to three dimensional application. Ribbons come in a vast array of beautiful colors, textures, and prints and the simplicity of their design makes them a very practical adornment for hair and clothing. The very simplicity of the ribbons h...

  • Sewing With Ribbon Course Guide

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    PDF course guide for Sewing With Ribbon designed to go along with the video series. Find resources and the course outline here.