Small Scale Smocking

Small Scale Smocking

Click here to explore the topic Small Scale Smocking For Dolls. I'm super excited to learn from smocking expert Kathy Dykstra and even more excited to have you learn from her too! Join Us!

Instructor: Kathy Dykstra

Small Scale Smocking
  • SWC Smocking Part 1 Getting Started

    In this video we cover the supplies used for smocking the Katya Peasant Top and how to prepare your fabric and create your pleats.

  • SWC Smocking Part 2

    In this video we cover the basic elements of smocking such as preparing our thread, forming the stitch, starting and stopping of smocking, as well as a few smocking terms. This video covers the Cable Stich and Outline Stitch.

  • SWC Smocking Part 3

    This video demonstrates the Stem Stich, Wheat Stitch, Wave Stitch and an additional Accent Stitch.

  • SWC Smocking Part 4

    This video demonstrates the Trellis Stitch, Trellis Diamonds, and 6-Step Flowerette. Also demonstrated is how to remove the gathering stitches.