Let's Make Dollistocks

Let's Make Dollistocks

Are you ready to make some super cute tiny sandals! Follow along and make the Dollistocks Shoes for your 18-inch American Girl doll. 14.5-inch WellieWishers doll, or a Ruby Red Fashion Friends doll!

Need supplies? Find the kits for each doll size at Pixie Faire: https://www.pixiefaire.com/collections/pixie-packs-pre-cut-shoe-soles

Let's Make Dollistocks
  • Dollistocks Course Intro

  • Dollistocks Part 1 Supplies and Prep

    Let's get started with a look at the supplies need to make the Dollistocks! For this series, I have simplified the process by using a precut 6mm cork sole, which means no layering the sole pieces or wrapping trim around the sides.

    The tutorial will kick off in Part 2. To get started, I encourag...

  • Dollistocks Tutorial 18 inch Dolls

    Follow along to see how easy it is to make a pair of Dollistocks for your 18-inch doll! This tutorial follows the two basic shoe styles, but is using the solid 6mm cork sole and the pre-cut foam and plastic for the bottom base layer. The only pattern piece you need to print out and use is for the...

  • Part 3 Dollistocks For Smaller Dolls

    Follow along in this tutorial to see how to make the Dollistocks shoes for smaller dolls using the Shape 2 and Shape 3 pre-cut soles.

    For this project we are using the pattern pieces from the Dollistocks pattern for Les Cheries and Hearts For Hearts Girls dolls. This pattern is originally design...

  • SWC Dollistocks Part 4

    Follow along as we look wrap up the course with a look at using a prong buckle for the strap as well as adding an elastic strap to the heel.

    For this example we are using the double strap variation on the 18-inch doll shoe pattern. The buckles are just under 6mm wide on the interior which fits a...