Online Fabric Sourcing

Online Fabric Sourcing

Join us for a month of interactive conversations about purchasing fabric online! We'll be addressing things such as, determining the weight and appropriate scale, finding historically accurate fabrics, understanding the different types of fabric and how to pick the right fabric for the garment.

Online Fabric Sourcing
  • July 2022 Updates Sewing With Cinnamon

    I've got some exciting updates to share with you! We've moved and are getting set up in our new office space! Plus we have an exciting new topic planned for July - Fabric Purchasing Online. We'd love to know what your top questions or concerns are when purchasing fabric online. Let us know in the...

  • Fabric Shopping Online - Chat 1

    Do you fear shopping online for fabric? Join us for this live chat where we talk about the things we do to solve common challenges and successfully purchase fabrics online!

    I'm joined by both Shari and Donna, over zoom, for a 20 minute discussion. This is the first of three chats we'll be doing ...

  • Fabric Shopping Online - Chat 2

    Welcome back! In this next session, Shari, Donna, and I chat about our favorite fabrics! Join us as we discuss things like:

    Why are we drawn to these specific fabrics?
    What projects do we use them for?
    How does drape affect the fabric choice?
    How does the pattern design play into choosing the ap...

  • Fabric Shopping Online - Chat 3

    In this session we discuss fabric prints, color, and scale. Shari kicks things off with a look at print and color throughout history. Donna brings us her insight on the 60's and 70's with a fun look at using larger scale prints appropriately. And I'm chiming in here and there with the fabrics I l...

  • The Vogue Fabrics Swatch Book

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