Sewing Meaningful Projects: The Sew Powerful Purse

Sewing Meaningful Projects: The Sew Powerful Purse

In this 4-part sew-along course, we introduce you to our non-profit sewing charity Sew Powerful. Together we sew the girl-sized purse that's used for the Purse Program. Then we also show you how to sew several smaller doll-size purses including the Killara Fringe Bag!

Instructor: Cinnamon Miles

Sewing Meaningful Projects: The Sew Powerful Purse
  • Make a Sew Powerful Cross-Body Purse with Misty Doan

    We're super excited to have Misty Doan, host of At Home With Misty, here to share her latest video tutorial with you! The purse that Misty is making today is more than just a purse. It's a badge of empowerment for young girls. The Sew Powerful Crossbody Purse is part of the Sew Powerful Purse pro...

  • Sew Meaning Through Purses Introduction

    Sew Meaning Through Purses Introduction
    Part One - Topic Overview and Sewing Tutorial
    Part Two - Sew The Doll Size Purse
    Part Three - The Killara Bag No-Sew Tutorial
    Part Four - Finishing Touches and Tiny Details

  • 2018 Sew Powerful Purse Sew Along Tutorial

    Video Timeline:
    • 0:00 - 1:18 Overview
    • 1:18 - 5:57 Pattern Pieces, Fabric
    • 5:57 - 8:00 Front Flap Panel
    • 8:00 - 10:03 Fabric Strap
    • 10:03 - 15:20 Slip Pockets
    • 15:20 - 18:00 Purse Body Back
    • 18:00 - 20:25 Purse Lining / Box Pleat
    • 20:25 - 22:07 Purse Body
    • 22:07 - 24:05 Attaching the Str...

  • Doll Size Purse Tips

    In the video, Doll Size Purse Tips, I share with you an alternate cutting method that allows you to cut a few rectangular strips o quickly cut out all the pattern pieces.

  • Killara Fringe Bag Sew Along

    In this project, follow along with me on the "no-sew" sew along video as I show you how to make this bag! I will also demonstrate a technique to sew it together and still have the fringe effect.