Sewing Modified Pattern Hacks

Sewing Modified Pattern Hacks

Take your patterns further with creative pattern hacks. Follow along as we show you how to work with existing pattern designs and to create personalized custom designs. In this section you'll find the 4-part series plus all the other pattern hacks created throughout the full catalog of courses.

Instructor: Cinnamon Miles

Sewing Modified Pattern Hacks
  • SWC Sewing Modified Pattern Hacks Overview

    SWC Sewing Modified Pattern Hacks Overview
    Part One - How To Hack A Pattern
    Part Two - Starlight Gala Blossom Mash-up
    Part Three - Modifying Pattern Pieces
    Part Four - Three Simple Sleeve Hacks
    You can find all the referenced PDF patterns and supplies at

  • Simple Sleeve Hacks

    In this video I'll be demonstrating three sleeve style hacks.

  • Modifying Pattern Pieces

    In this vide I'll be demonstrating on a new dress made with a modified skirt from the Starlight Gala pattern and a simple modification to the bodice front.
    Video Timeline:
    • Beginning - 2:00 Overview
    • 2:00 - 6:00 Modifying the Original Hi-lo skirt into a knee length skirt.
    • 6:00 - 12:40 Creatin...

  • Starlight Gala - Blossom Mash-up

    In this tutorial, I'll be demonstrating on a new dress made from the Starlight Gala skirt and the Blossom bodice (simplified version with the underlay moved to be an overlay).

  • Performance Costumes & Princess Dresses

    Specialty fabrics - Performance Costumes & Princess Dresses
    See how the choice of fabrics and embellishments set them apart.