Sewing Specialty Fabrics

Sewing Specialty Fabrics

Red carpet dresses, princess costumes, tutus, tuxedos, and whimsical styles are all on the agenda for this topic. Working with these delicate, slippery fabrics can be intimidating for some but the results are so breathtaking I urge you to take that daring step and try something new!

Instructor: Cinnamon Miles

Sewing Specialty Fabrics
  • Specialty Fabric Topic Overview

    Part One - Specialty Fabric Course Overview
    Part Two - Linings, Underlays, and Seam Finishes
    Part Three - Delicate Hems and Bindings
    Part Four - Performance Costumes and Princess Dresses

  • Specialty Fabrics Part 1: Getting Started

    In this video we take a closer look at fabrics, needles, pins, and cutting out techniques.
    Video timelines:
    0:30 - Supplies
    3:45 - Cutting tips for chiffon (Freezer paper technique)
    7:20 -Cutting tips (Chalk Marking/ No Pins)
    9:27 - Closer look at the fabrics
    21:50 - My favorite sewing resource b...

  • Specialty Fabrics Seam Finishes

    This video covers:
    Linings and Underlays
    Seam Finishes such as French Seams, Flat Felled Seams and Hong Kong Binding

  • Hems, Bindings, Facings

    This video covers:
    a hand rolled hem, single fold hem, double fold hem, faced hem, bias trimmed or ribbon faced hem, and more.

  • Performance Costumes & Princess Dresses

    Specialty fabrics - Performance Costumes & Princess Dresses
    See how the choice of fabrics and embellishments set them apart.

  • Starlight Gala - Blossom Mash-up

    In this tutorial, I'll be demonstrating on a new dress made from the Starlight Gala skirt and the Blossom bodice (simplified version with the underlay moved to be an overlay).

  • Knits - Specialty Fabrics

    In this video I'll show you some examples of sewing on swim knit, lycra knit, and sewing on a sequined fabric. I also demo using a stretch needle and a ballpoint needle with lycra fabric.