So-Cal Style Guide

So-Cal Style Guide

Let's create a So-Cal style wardrobe for your dolls using a variety of patterns available on Pixie Faire! Follow along as we share pattern hacks and demo how to screenprint mini designs with Chalk Couture products! Bonus accessories tutorials too! Instructor: Cinnamon Miles

So-Cal Style Guide
  • SWC So-Cal Style Overview

    Sewing A Themed Wardrobe
    Part One - The Beach Scene Outfit Tutorial
    Part Two - The CA Cami Cover-Up Pattern Hack
    Part Three - The Zip-Front Rash Guard Pattern Hack
    Part Four - It’s all About Swimsuits and Accessories!
    You can find all the referenced PDF patterns and supplies at

  • SWC So-Cal Style Beach Vibes Look

  • SWC So-Cal Style CA Cami Cover Up

    In this video we create a CA Cami Cover Up using the CA Cami pattern.

  • SWC Easy Boho Shoulder Bag Tutorial

    In this video we create a cute little shoulder bag for our So-Cal lifestyle.

  • Swimsuit Needles and Stitches

    In this video we compare sewing swimsuit fabric using straight stitches vs stretch stitches using a Ball point needle, Stretch needle, and a Universal needle. We also demonstrate using the walking foot with the stretch stitch.

  • Sewing Swimsuits Getting Started

    In this video we will take a look at needles, cutting tools, and machine accessories that all make sewing swim knits easier. We'll also take a look at cutting pattern pieces out on swimsuit fabric.

  • How To Install and Shorten A Separating Zipper

    In this video I demonstrated share with you a method for installing a separating zipper into a lined jacket as well as an example of shortening a metal teeth zipper.