Working With Natural Fabric Dyes

Working With Natural Fabric Dyes

In this course, we share some fun and easy techniques for creating uniquely dyed fabrics using natural materials such as Avocados, Fresh Flowers, and preserved natural elements; as well as some more involved methods for using and creating your own dyes from natural elements.

Instructors: Cinnamon & Gina Levesque

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Working With Natural Fabric Dyes
  • SWC Natural Fabric Dyes Avocado Makes Blush Pink!

    In this video we demonstrate using avocado pits to dye fabric.
    You can find all the referenced PDF patterns and supplies at

  • Natural Dyes Essential Tools

    In this video we give an overview of all the essential tools for working with natural dyes.

  • SWC Flower Petal Tie-Dye

    Follow along in this tutorial to see how simple it is to create a uniquely dyed piece of fabric. We’ve used purple dahlia petals, red rose petals, and a variety of leaves and even dandelion blooms.

  • Creating A Dye Bath

    In this video we give an in-depth look at creating a dye bath with a variety of natural dyes.