1920s Fashion

1920s Fashion

Explore the world of 1920s fashion with Shari Fuller as she introduces her new pattern! In the first tutorial, she will review some 1920s fabrics and dresses with you for inspiration and to help you source similar fabrics from our contemporary sources. In the second tutorial, She will be demonstrating how to add hand embroidered front panel and waistband of the dress. In the third tutorial, She will be showing you how to insert a tiny piping of ribbon or bias tape along straight edges and inside corners to get a nice even reveal. She'll also show you how to inset the bodice sections into the front panel and waistband to get clean sharp right angles. In the final section, Cinnamon and Shari will both bring an accessory tutorial to complete the look!

1920s Fashion
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  • SWC 1920s Fashion Introduction

    In this SWC andFriends series, we're going to take a peek into the 1920s to see what stories we can discover hidden in the fashion trends of the time. Be sure to watch this video to get a full overview of the course and the background on the era!

    For this series, I designed the 1920s Mary Brooks...

  • 1920 Fashion: A Closer Look At Fabric

  • 1920s Fashion Embroidery Part 2

    In this video, we are going to start in on the 1920s Mary Brooks dress with a little 1920s style embroidery. The dress pattern includes two 1920s embroidery designs that have been scaled and reworked specifically for the Mary Brooks dress. In this demonstration we will be using the floral design....

  • 1920s Fashion: Inserting The Ribbon Piping

    In this video, I have begun piecing my 1920s Mary Brooks dress together.
    The next step is for me to add the ribbon piping to the sleeves and bodice and I am going to demonstrate how to apply it to a straight edge and inside corner to get a nice even reveal. Once the piping is applied, I am also g...

  • 1920s Fashion Mary Janes Shoes Sew-Along

    Follow along as I show you how to make the perfect shoes for your 1920s outfit! This classic shoe design was introduced in the twenties and has been a classic for years to come!

    The pattern that I am demonstrating is the Walking on Sunshine shoe pattern for 18" dolls. You can find it at Pixie Fa...

  • Inserting Ribbon in Beading Lace

    Hi everyone, I am Shari Fuller from Thimbles and Acorns. For my 1920s Girl's Combination Underwear,I found this pretty 1/2” wide cotton cluny beading lace that came threaded with a rather nondescript white ribbon. Because the underwear design is rather plain, I wanted to dress the lace up a bit b...

  • Sewing A Tailored Placket In a Seamline

  • Hand Embroidery and Sewing With Beads

    In the video, I share with you a few basic stitches - the backstitch, chain stitch, split stitch, and the French knot.

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