We have many courses that include full sew alongs, check them out here!

  • Creative Upcycling: The Ragamuffin Doll

    4 items

    Join us as we sew the Ragamuffin Doll together! Registered Sewing With Cinnamon,on members can download the pattern with the coupon code provided in the SWC Bonuses section:

    The pattern can be found here: https://www.pixiefaire....

  • Topanga Ruffled Top Sew Along

    5 items

  • 1920s Fashion

    10 items

    Explore the world of 1920s fashion with Shari Fuller as she introduces her new pattern! In the first tutorial, she will review some 1920s fabrics and dresses with you for inspiration and to help you source similar fabrics from our contemporary sources. In the second tutorial, She will be demonstr...

  • It's Showtime!

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  • Let's Make Dollistocks

    5 items

    Are you ready to make some super cute tiny sandals! Follow along and make the Dollistocks Shoes for your 18-inch American Girl doll. 14.5-inch WellieWishers doll, or a Ruby Red Fashion Friends doll!

    Need supplies? Find the kits for each doll size at Pixie Faire:

  • Sewing Animal Dolls

    6 items

    Follow Along to Sew 18" Animal Dolls With Shari Fuller! These cute dolls are designed to fit traditional 18" doll clothes too! Make a fox doll and a mini 6" fox doll for your doll to enjoy as well.

  • Sewing A Bespoke Garment: The Unmentionables Sew-Along

    5 items

    In this series we are going to look at how to turn a simple ordinary garment into a bespoke masterpiece! Shari will be showing how to add bespoke details to a few pieces from her Victorian Unmentionables pattern for 18-inch dolls.

    In the first video, we will be adding a series of tucks and decor...

  • Winter Sports Wardrobe

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    Follow along in Sewing a Themed Wardrobe: Winter Sports and create mix and match pieces for your dolls winter wardrobe!

    In Part 1: (February 1) Learn about choosing a color palette and the perfect fabrics for your project.
    In Part 2: (February 8) Join our sew-along for the super adorable up cy...

  • Sewing The Dorel Boots

    6 items

    Follow along to learn the art of shoe making at the smaller scale! In this course, Cinnamon will show you how to make the Dorel Boots for 18-inch dolls!

  • Sew Powerful Purse Sew Along

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    We're super excited to have Misty Doan, host of At Home With Misty, here to share her latest video tutorial with you! The purse that Misty is making today is more than just a purse. It's a badge of empowerment for young girls. The Sew Powerful Crossbody Purse is part of the Sew Powerful Purse pro...

  • Sewing Tiny Gifts

    6 items

    It’s holiday time and you know what that means… Gifts! In this topic we explore a few gift making ideas at a smaller scale. Tiny things that dolls can give to other dolls. There are so many great ideas out there, but we’ve narrowed it down to a few that we’re really excited to share with you! Fol...

  • Sewing With Zero Waste

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    Join us as we explore Sewing With Zero Waste. Over the course of this topic, we will show you a few examples of zero waste designs; then we will wrap things up with a fun look at using those little scraps and turning them into cute design features!

  • Doll Clothes Storage

    9 items

    I've tried many different storage options over the years, I've been challenged to optimize and try out new ideas to keep it all nicely organized. I'm excited to share the things that I've discovered and am also excited to be joined by Donna and Shari as they share a few tips too!

    Instructors: Ci...

  • Sewing With Rainwear Fabrics

    11 items

    Let’s talk about Rainwear Fabrics! Lightweight, waterproof, crisp and sometimes rubbery fabrics that are used to make things like raincoats, ponchos, and windbreaker jackets? Ripstop & laminated cotton, to name a few. Although the end result is great, the thought of sewing with these types of fa...

  • Embellishing The Holiday Dress

    7 items

    How do you take something ordinary and make it extraordinary? With embellishments! In this topic I will show you how adding the perfect embellished details not only elevate the design, but really make your garment stand out. Together we can create stunning Holiday Dresses!

    Instructor: Cinnamon M...

  • Sewing Curves and Corners

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    Let's talk about - Sewing Curves and Corners! Both of these seamlines are a staple in most garment construction. You might find curved seamlines in a princess seam, a sweetheart neckline, or standard armscye. They add a beautiful element of design detail as well as shape and structure when they a...

  • Sewing Pretty Little Pincushions

    5 items

    This will be a great opportunity to practice many of the skills and techniques we've demonstrated in prior SWC topics. We can put them into practice as we work together to create beautiful keepsake pincushions! What I love about pincushions is that they are not just practical, but frequently a sp...

  • Sewing The Denim Jacket

    8 items

    Follow along in this 4-part sew along course as we sew the Liberty Jane Denim Jacket. Learn how to sew a flat felled seam, apply tiny rivets or buttons, and expand the pattern possibilities with the hoodie denim jacket and fur-lined denim jacket pattern hacks!

    Instructor: Cinnamon Miles

  • Sewing The Doll Size Quilt

    3 items

    Are you a quilter or interested in learning how to sew a quilt? In this sew-along course, we sew the Lilie Stone Coastal Chevron quilt together while learning the tips and tricks necessary to perfect the art of sewing the doll size quilt! Plus we finish it off with a few darling bedtime accessori...

  • Miniature Millinery: Hip, Hip, Beret!

    4 items

    Hat Making continues! Join us as we take another venture into the world of Miniature Millinery with Shari Fuller! This topic includes a Sew-Along for the Newsboy & Beret Hat pattern. The topic is now live, go check it out or scroll down to Join SWC today to become a member today!

    Instructor: Cin...

  • Aussie Style Guide

    7 items

    In this topic, we will explore the Aussie fashion style with a look at our Outback Libby Collection and the new Kira Bailey character from American Girl®. Plus a sew-along for the Alice Springs Dress pattern from Liberty Jane, Join Us!

  • Sewing Modified Pattern Hacks

    5 items

    Take your patterns further with creative pattern hacks. Follow along as we show you how to work with existing pattern designs and to create personalized custom designs. In this section you'll find the 4-part series plus all the other pattern hacks created throughout the full catalog of courses.


  • Sewing Raglan Sleeves

    4 items

    Donna Kinley joins us this month with in depth instruction showing how to create a raglan sleeve as well as a full sew along for the E=dK2 dress pattern. See how to mix and match patterns too! Follow along and improve your sewing skills while making something new!

    Instructor: Donna Kinley

  • Sewing Meaningful Projects: The Sew Powerful Purse

    5 items

    In this 4-part sew-along course, we introduce you to our non-profit sewing charity Sew Powerful. Together we sew the girl-sized purse that's used for the Purse Program. Then we also show you how to sew several smaller doll-size purses including the Killara Fringe Bag!

    Instructor: Cinnamon Miles